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Open 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM – Monday to Sunday

Class 5 and 7 Driver Training in Prince George

Are you working towards your Class 5 full privilege, or have you just received your class 7 learners’ license and need lessons to achieve your class 7 novice? At 4 Seasons Driving School, we offer the best on-road instruction for Class 5 and 7 driver training in Prince George. All lessons are provided to you in a new 2019 Rav4 for real-life driving results. We believe in customer satisfaction, which is why we offer our comprehensive driving lessons at competitive and affordable rates. Find below the list of all the things we teach:

  • Preparing candidates for class 5 and 7 road test

  • Winter driving

  • Pre-trip and hand signal training

  • Hand over hand steering, shuffle steering

  • 360-degree checks

  • Blind spots and shoulder checks

  • Lane position, stop position, following distance, stopping distance

  • Acceleration and deceleration

  • 2-way and 4-ways stops

  • Pull over and hill park with or without curb (uphill, downhill)

  • Proper operation and release of parking brake

  • Proper enter and exit vehicle procedure

  • Hazard perception (identifying hazards)

  • Reversing along curb in a straight line

  • Pulling away from curb

  • 3-point-turn, 2-point-turn

  • Cyclists, motorcyclists

  • Cul-De-Sac

  • Parallel park, reverse stall park, forward stall park

  • Lane changes

  • Crosswalks, bicycle lanes

  • Yielding

  • Curves, hills

  • U-turns

  • Emergency vehicles

  • Downtown driving and one-way streets

  • Playground zones, school zones, construction zones

  • Merging on highways and exiting

  • Roundabout

  • Speed control

  • Controlled & uncontrolled intersections

  • See-think-do

  • Traffic circles

  • Steering control

  • Space margins

  • Right-of-way rules

  • Emergency procedures

  • Turn signals

  • Hand signals

  • Mirror checks

  • LCR scans

  • 2-way left turn lanes

  • Downtown driving

  • Highway & Freeway driving

  • Left turns, right turns, driving through at major, minor intersections and side streets

  • One-way streets

If you have further queries, give us a call and we shall gladly address them.

Train with Us

We will teach you how to drive or help you brush up on your skills if you are willing to take your driving test.


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