aerial view of a highway

How To Properly Exit A Highway/Freeway


This lane allows you to move off the freeway and reduce your speed.

When leaving the freeway, you want to maintain your speed on the freeway and wait for your car to be completely off the freeway before you slow down.



  • The purpose of the long exit lane is meant for slowing down your vehicle and reducing your speed.
  • Slowing down on the freeway means everyone behind you is forced to slow down when they aren’t taking the exit, therefore you would be slowing down the flow of the traffic unnecessarily and defeating the purpose of the exit lane.


What About The Exit 40 km/h Sign? Don’t I Need To Be 40 km/h Before The Sign?

  • The yellow exit speed sign beside the exit lane is a recommended speed. As a driver, you do eventually want to work towards slowing your vehicle to this speed (gradually), but you don’t have to be at this speed before the sign.
  • Wait until your car is completely off the freeway before you slow down to this speed.


Steps On How To Exit The Freeway

  1. Check your rear-view and side mirror.
  2. Signal your intention to turn off the highway.
  3. Maintain your speed and gradually move over.
  4. Cancel signal.
  5. Slow down gradually to the advisory speed at the exit.

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